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Compliance Automation Powered by Cyberfort

Automated cybersecurity risk management for small and medium sized businesses

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How can I monitor my logs?

Cybergator searches your logs, so you don't have to. By matching the patterns of activity that indicate something's wrong, Cybergator turns your mountain of log data into a molehill of prioritised and actionable security alerts.

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How can I keep track of vulnerable software?

Cybergator alerts you as and when new vulnerabilities are released. By collecting an inventory of the software you have installed and cross-referencing it with the latest vulnerability data, Cybergator generates alerts that allow you to stay one step ahead of attackers.

How can I demonstrate I am secure?

Cybergator maintains an audit trail of alert activity so you can demonstrate you maintain robust security controls. By reviewing alerts in Cybergator and exporting reports, Cybergator provides you with the evidence you need to maintain stringent compliance regimes.

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